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Creating A Clear Brand Identity

There are lots of reasons you need to have a clear brand identity. In fact, most of them are well known cliches like, “People buy from people they like”. But there’s one often overlooked, but incredibly important, reason that ties them altogether.

As Lois Geller once put it in an article for Forbes, “A brand is a promise”.

It’s a promise to deliver a service that people can trust. One that they like. One that associates with them. One that they know will deliver them results each and every time. There will be people that don’t like your brand as well, but screw them. That’s the sign of a good brand.

When you’re branding you need to decide:

  • What your promise is: What do you and your audience value? What does your brand stand for? Pick your fight and run with it.
  • What your voice is: This is by far the most important one for me, especially for a digital agency. Who does your tone of voice appeal to? The way you’d speak to a young technology startup is different to how you’d speak to an established retail chain. Establish who it is you’re talking to, and how you want to speak to them.

Once you have that, you have a foundation to start building your logo, slogan, domain name and everything else that makes a brand tangible.

James Johnson

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