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On Building A Robust Creative Industry

The governing systems that moves and propels forward the the creative industry have fallen right in front of us, re-engineering new systems, laws and way of operating that have since undervalued what the creative industry, and probably even most — what any industry stands or once stood for.

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The thing we call ‘money’, — that drives the scale of our creativity has found a way to make us think everything else is about money, even the transferring of skills from one generation to the next, the core essential trait is needed to advance any industry.

In our pursuit or upon the absence of money, we often misguide our principles as humans in many way possible. Gone are the days where to be deemed powerful is through a high practice of the artistic craft: the inventions of great scientific tools and the reimagining of social theories that advances humanity beyond what they are today.

Long live the works of Einstein, Plato, Einstein, Van Gogh…the list is endless.

May their craft be a great reminder of how we can never attain such great artistic flair.

Let’s get into the business of things. The thing I care about the most — Advancing the creative Industry. In many ways possible, or not so possible, I study and present ideas and strategies on how we can advance ourselves and add value to the industry.

Stagnation scares me, I’d be worried if wake one day and boom, out of nowhere — my creativity is gone.

And it does, it happens — from sports, TV personalities to musicians.
I can name artists and stars that came and went, fell flat from music charts and world’s finest stages. We all just happen to go ‘I wonder what happened’. I’m guilty of it too but really, what happened?

It does then strike me. On a great day, sitting with a panel of creatives discussing our frustrations it hits me.

Don’t you wish you had someone who does more or less the same things you do, at a more senior level you could learn, emulate and master from?. There’s always someone we all look up to and wish we can learn from at a more practical level, no matter your level of expertise.

I mean I’d love to give Alistair King a call and be like hey what’s good, how do I become SA’s most admired creative?


I know.

But this, thing — of mentoring, teaching a.k.a. skills transfer is almost non-existent, and it is the single most important element of breeding creative leaders which will better this industry. As a matter of fact, MICT SETA had to step in a bridge the gap by breeding programs that assist in connecting industry greats with school leavers.

Meanwhile we, the very own captains of the industry sob, shake our heads and complain on how stagnant the industry is.

And in turn this result is this.

We refuse to work with the amature, because they don’t know what they’re doing.
We refuse to teach or give a one person a shot, because, well, (Wait for it — this is my favourite) — they might turn out great and steal our jobs.

On the confused side of things we want to work with a full creative that knows everything, the geek, the smart pants, the cool dude who can illustrate the heavens and the earths with eyes closed.

I’m guilty too.

As someone who dislikes whining and complaining about how stagnant the industry is, why don’t we flip the script ourselves.

Just as we complain about how we don’t have someone we can emulate, let’s rather be the person who is available to mentor, teach and show the younger ones how it is done.
Let me rephrase by questioning the following;

Who are you mentoring?

Do you have an intern, a successor or assistant?

Who are you giving insight criticism, your two cents worth and guidance to?

We all know, no one wants to work with the amature, the graduate, the novice. But we love the genius but then — who’s supposed to breed the very same geniuses though?

That’s the problem.

Our efforts are required to be centralised on upscale the next generation of creatives in whatever ways possible. We ought to do what’s best to equip them, because someone must, as someone did with you and I, and you turned out great didn’t you? Except now you have the money and you forgot about it all, and when the next fresh breed of interns step into the workplace, like a ship looking for a lighthouse to settle, you are quick to dismiss their intentions.

Each person needs a practical expertise from a senior someone, a mentor — or a person who will tell you how to do things. But, money blinds us now. Cracked dry lands and blue skies got us all fighting for the last penny instead of advancing each other to increase the value of our penny per individual.

We don’t teach. We don’t mentor. Or give back. We are critical. We judge. We never take the time to understand what is, for what it is. Yet we expect the young ones to be like us, in top form and professional.

In a world of chaos and disorder such as ours. There has never been a time to be the best role models to those who look up to us.

In a world of fallen quality of leadership; in government and other important industries. There has never been a time to guide those who are yet to lead forward.

In our efforts to pioneer the greatest creative force, let us too breed the greatest creative forces in our individual capacity individually.

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