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Our 2030 Brand Vision | The Brand Studio

Contribution: Nelson Moropana

On Becoming The World’s Finest Ad Agency: The Brand Studio’s Brand Vision

The year is 2030, we stand at the brink of a creative revolution created 14 years ago. 2017.

On becoming the world’s finest agency, from 2016/17 financial year – TBS is gearing itself to a yearly mission that sees the company develop the Top 3 commercially viable brands annually. At this development rate, in 2030 — TBS will have a total brand of 42 commercially viable brands with a potential net brand value of at least R210 Million with a total annual spend of R80 Million, and a market cap of R 1.5 Billion combined.


This is The Brand Studio’s brand vision on the mission to becoming world class agency.

In our effort to become a world class brand development company. It is not only essential that we transform how we keep up with industry trends, updates and standards – it is also as eternally central as our strategy that we change and transform how we view the ever changing world we live in and how we we see ourselves.

We are more than just an agency.

But how do we communicate that without saying a word?

A classic historic case: each generation can be defined by the brands they have built in their era. From the men who’ve built America, Vanderbilt, John De Rockefella, Henry Ford, and more — you can deduce the quality of how driven the generation was.

We live in a world of enormous opportunities. Just as much as it is shackles and falling apart, there lies an opportunity for people to be great humanitarians, and consequently, there lies a greater challenge to create and build sustainable brands that are of great value, with integrity and honor.

A story told from many angles: In a business analyst publication, Umair Haque wrote about the importance of a company, beyond profits.

“A company is meaningless unless it’s a platform for making people’s lives better”.

The modern challenge we encounter as entrepreneurs today writes Umair that, it is not the ability to develop great companies, but the inability, the lack of a greater substance to build companies, brands and products that connect with people and solve real issues that affects society in general.


This is a classical test of true entrepreneurship and tests what a is a true company or a brand, a brand?


Every year since the founding of The Brand Studio’s launch it to the market there we many questions to be answered in terms of company’s aesthetic or what it truly hopes to stand for. One of the most key questions was how or what will The Brand Studio stand for, 5 decades from now on?

After countless efforts and the never ending research, we found our story hidden in us, for us — but we failed to notice it until one day, the mystic thoughts of an economic writer Umair Haque finally echoed the call to our treasure.

“What’s defined as your potential greatness is usually hidden right inside you.”

As a young South African entrepreneur with no one around to answer the never ending series of questions, one story answered my question, and ultimately it became a beacon of which The Brand Studio’s philosophy was built on.

Umair Haque asks the simple question on what a true platform or a business is. “A slippery concept” and that’s why we struggle to build great ones. So the best way to think about an asset, a company is “An asset that other people can use to build their own products and service atop” writes Haque.

These are things that elevates people’s life says Haque and our challenge as modern entrepreneurs is building more of ‘these’ things.

This is the real staff. Not just apps, but apps that change people’s lives. Not just computers but computers that shapes how we interact with technology. Those companies that create such value stands a greater chance of survival than those who don’t.

Why bother you may ask?

This is not because people want services and the real staff but, if you can help someone achieve something, change their life in the most rewarding manner, then you’ve learnt their respect.

If you can help someone elevate their live, business, brand or product, you’ve learnt their respect.

How does this philosophy fit into that of our own?

We believe every brand represents an era in an entrepreneur’s life. A brand is a representation of a revolution, a movement, where true diamonds are crafted; at high pressures. From Kaizer Motaung of Kaizer Chiefs to Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini. Each brand was founded by the need not only build a product, but also elevate people’s lives, beyond their expectations

Breeding a New Generation of Companies — a 14 year marathon run.

TBS went from being a company that transforms brands to now, in 2017, a company that is now pushing beyond just transformation of brands to breeding a new generation of brands from inside.

Each year, from 2017 we have taken upon ourselves to introduce 3 new brands to our portfolio of brand cartel. These are not only brands we are hoping to see grow but — these are brands we have a full vested interest in as a company.Each year — for the next 14 years, The Brand Studio will be introducing a new generation of brands and companies from multiple portfolio outside of media. This approach includes acquisition of brands we deem worthy of investments, refurnishing of old — to make our mission highly scalable and possible.

The 2017 Milestone:


Company: Campus TV Network South Africa

Indutry/Type: TV Network


Gone online 1st of February 2017


Company: The Business Lounge

Industry/Type: Business Services


Gone online 1st December 2017


Company: Black & White World Studios

Industry/Type: Studios/Rentals


Online October 2017

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