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The Creative Revolution Movement | The Brand Studio

The Creative Revolution (TCR) by The Brand Studio

In 2017, The Brand studio introduced a creative revolution, a movement that sees the agency creating close to over 40 new brands or businesses by 2030. As a new agency with a passion for brand development, we have challenged ourselves to live up to our word, our mission, and hence forth, each year is a stepping stone to slowly achieving just what we’ve set out.

The Creative Revolution:

Creativity is a rare breed in a society that has an education system build to produce workers, as opposed to creators. As a brand we realized creativity cuts across all sectors. Not only it dominates the arts but the sciences too, and so is engineering, architecture, and finance. Each person in these respective fields is tasked with creating financial systems, building landscapes and mechanical technologies — all of which demands a creative intuition.

Doesn’t that challenge the way we have been conducting ourselves, professions, the world?

To top it off, we wondered further, why is creativity then not taught or prioritized in school?

Our mission as a creative agency is to support those who are on the mission to create life changing solutions and services for people, by empowering them to reach the potential they hope to achieve. Having realized that the mission is bigger than anticipated and that the revolution is in full swing, we have decided to further profile, and shed light on individual pioneers and businesses that are on a mission to shaping the future of South Africa.

In the next coming publications, we will be presenting a group of South Africans who are making their country proud, despite all the obstacles.

The creative categories range from: Entrepreneurship, Photography, Film, TV, Digital, Music, Architecture, Fashion, Fine Art and Sculpture.

If you wish to nominate or suggest individual pioneers doing great things, email us:

The Creative Revolution is an initiative by The Brand Studio, In association with Campus TV Network & Innovation Valley South Africa.

Follow the series on @brandstudiosa @campustvsa and on

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