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Uncovering Universal Truths, The Role of Young People In Advertising

Contributor: Nelson Moropana 

“Creating value for humanity should not be an afterthought but a core business strategy.” Anonymous

In June 2019, we developed The Book of Brands™, a strategy led publication that shares insights into what goes into brand building and what could potentially be taken from that, or trashed.

My aim with the publication is to discern key learnings from the South African brands and personalities, upcoming, established and already dead. By unpacking some of the key learnings especially from a strategic point of view, I think we can uncover the hidden gems and misses that this industry has gone through, and in all hopes that we can help do better and improve industry.

Why the publication?

I was invited to Young Ballers, a platform by the Associations of Communications and Advertising (ACA) when it hit me that, perhaps the reason why young people are not happy with the industry, or ‘leaving’ as the saying is that we feel a certain disconnect or more like ‘rebelling’ against the old ways, and maybe it has nothing to do with anyone but the approach, or lack of, from young people. 

The question that seems to create the disconnect is centred on the role young people need to play in the industry, besides bringing creative force, insights and inspiration, what more can we offer, and has this been communicated from the ground up i.e school?

Advertising and communications is big, it does not start and end at agency level, there are many components that go into the medium and for that, it is a billion rand industry. So what role are we supposed to be playing, and whose authority and responsibility is it to define such? It is a tricky debate, well, otherwise in my head, and do we have to play a role at all?

One of the biggest problems we have with our industry, and this leads to misalignment is the vision, or lack of strategic direction from industry leaders. What are we trying to achieve as (a), an industry and (b), agencies and (c) as professionals of the industry. 

Once we have that direction, or a clear mission, it will then be easy to deploy soldiers into the workforce with an intended mission. As it stands, the current soldiers soldiering on are fighting a battle with no strategic direction, vision or view of the future. How then, do we win as a collective, if we have no view direction. 

In order to understand and unpack this we have to understand what future we are creating for agencies, and the industry as a whole.

Nelson Moropana

Milpark, Johannesburg 


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